Terms and conditions


“Verified delivery for

• gold jewellery “allows Users who sell Products through the Website to deliver them via Royal Mail, and the product will be visually verified at the destination by the Buyer. The value of the product will be paid in 50% in front of and another 50% when you get it, and money is returned to the buyer only if the gold product does not correspond to the quality or appearance shown in the image.

Verification of Products shipped through “Delivery with Verification” is done strictly visually (not technically) in the presence of the courier agent.

P.S. when making your payment mention the name of the product, the page and the corresponding product number,and name of catalog (Aralya or Barlik ), optional and the weight.

Gold jewellery comes only on order and payment is made by bank transfer.

And delivery time will be up to 30 days from date of payment.


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